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Querying Neo4j graph data with Cypher in SQuirrel via JDBC

If you’re working in the field of data integration a data querying tool is needed to test and adjust your SQL queries. In the case of Neo4j we use Cypher queries to retrieve data from the grap database.

If the source of data can be connectedis with a JDBC driver I prefer the tool SQuirrel SQL which is available in version 3.3.0: http://squirrel-sql.sourceforge.net/

After we got encouraged to do some more testing on the Neo4j JDBC driver I will post some results here.

First we need to config the Neo4j JDBC driver in SQuirrel:

config Neo4j JDBC driver

Second we create a database connection to the Neo4j graph database and connect to it:

create Neo4j database connection

Then we do some Cypher queries which run pretty well without exceptions:

Cypher query in SQuirrel

Finally we can store the data of the resultset into a file:

store Cypher resultset

I think SQuirrel is a very good tool to do some ad hoc queries and Cypher testing on a Neo4j graph database. It is more useful than the Neo4j server console for getting out some data.