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Our new QlikView JDBC Datasource: Kx Kdb+

As we’ve got an inquiry from a finance institute recently if our QlikView JDBC Connector is providing connectivity for Kx Systems number cruncher Kdb+ we’ve started to develop a test case and came to the result that it’s working pretty well.

We provide an adapted JDBC driver for Kdb+ and we will improve the integration with out QlikView connector. You can download our Kx JDBC driver here to try by your own.

Update: The new version of our QlikView JDBC Connector (v2) will work with the standard Kx JDBC driver, our patch is not needed anymore.

You also can process ‘q’ code in the QlikView load script thru the JDBC connection. Since ‘q’ code can contain embedded semicolons and other special symbols, just set the string into a variable and then execute it like:

   SQL $(qSQL);

Btw. this is the new list of actual working JDBC data sources for QlikView:

  • Hadoop HDFS and Hive (Cloudera, MapR, Amazon EMR)
  • Cloudera Impala (via Beeswax API)
  • SAP ERP/BW (via SAP JCo)
  • Kx Systems Kdb+
  • Microsoft Windows SQL Azure
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Neo4j Graph Database
  • Apache Derby / Java DB
  • encrypted CSV files
  • COBOL files
  • Pentaho Kettle Transformation Steps

For the most of them no alternative connectivity solution is provided for QlikView.