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Graph Data Visualization in QlikView

Since I wrote the post about “Working with Graph Data from Neo4j in QlikView" here I had the idea in mind to develop a QlikView Extension Object do replace the static Google Chart API graph display I used in the example application.

Now I’ve finished a first version of an extension using the Graph Dracula JavaScript Library (based on Raphaël.js): http://www.graphdracula.net

Here are a few impressions:

TIQ Graph Dracula screenshot 1

TIQ Graph Dracula screenshot 2

You can download the extension and QlikView demo application here.

I will do some further developments in the future related to QlikView graph data integration because I think relational data structures and models will disappear in the future. Reality is different than a table..

TIQ Solutions will provide professional services in this realm, also development and customization of QlikView extension objects.

Update: New version released on QlikCommunity

TIQ Graph Dracula v2 screenshot

Update: Have posted a new graph extension based on Sigma.js on QlikCommunity:

TIQ Sigma Graph Extension screenshot

You can find this extension and QlikView app on QlikMarket.

Update: new video posted http://youtu.be/m2OgSVlPpiA

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