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QVD Converter - Create and Process QlikView Data Files everywhere

The QVD Converter is a reusable Java library from TIQ Solutions. The library enables Java applications to create and process QlikView data files (QVD format) from any size independently (e.g.. in Unix environments).


The offered Java classes can be used directly in any Java implementation (via import) and are a useful starting point for the development of plug-ins for ETL tools like Pentaho Kettle. With this, QlikView data files are integratable in any data integration process.


At this moment, TIQ Solutions develops a QVD JDBC driver based on the QVDReader class. This JDBC driver will make QlikView QVD data files available as queryable SQL data sources for a broad range of applications implementing the JDBC standard.

Read more about it on TIQ Solutions QVD Converter website:


I’ve pushed my latest QVDReader examples on GitHub:


Update: I’v added new features for version 1.3:

  • select a subset of fields, skip unwanted data (in preparation for QVD JDBC driver and for better performance)
  • cache of last records symbol values to prevent lookups (performance)
  • more example applications for batch processing (e.g. search over a bunch of QVD files with wildcards for files and search pattern)